Frequently Asked


What is a car subscription?

A car subscription is a simple new way to drive your car. You get full access to your car without the need for finance, lease or loads of cash. Much like other subscriptions such as Netflix or a phone plan, you make one low monthly payment for as long as you want your car.

Who owns the car?

Subscribacar owns the car, so we deal with all the payments, maintenance and problems that may arise. You get the benefits of driving the car without all the headaches of owning it.


Am I eligible?

You probably are! Our fast and simple application process will match you with a car you love at a budget you can afford. Just fill out our easy application form on our website to get going.

We do not do credit checks. However, you will need to provide your driver’s license, payslips, a utility bill and passport.

Can I subscribe anywhere in Australia?

We currently operate in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. 

If you are located around 85km radius of the main cities we service, our service will be available to you. If you are loacted further away, restrictions may apply. Please enquire. 

What would disqualify me?

Our insurance policy asks that you are over 21 years old, not on a provisional licence, clear of bankruptcy and driving offences and have not been refused insurance, lost your drivers licence, or made any claims over the last 5 years.

Do I have to be an Australian Citizen?

No, as long as you have 12 months left on an appropriate visa you qualify.

What type of driving licence is required?

You are required to have a valid permanent driving licence issued in Australia. We do not accept temporary, learner’s or overseas licences and make sure you are 21 years or older before applying.


What does the subscription covers?

We will cover all the costs of purchasing and running your car including: finance, transfer, registration, repairs, servicing, insurance, tyres and anything else needed to keep your ride in top shape.

What about Fuel?

You get to choose. Either pay for your own way or bundle a fuel card into your monthly fee with Subscribacar fuel package. Access a 4c per litre discount at your local fuel station and pay the outstanding balance at the end of the month. No admin fees apply.

What about using tolls?

Yes, you can. Just add tolls to your Subscribacar account and we will set up your toll account anywhere in Australia. Any toll fees will be added to your fixed monthly subscription payment. No admin fees apply.

Is anyone else authorised to drive the car?

Yes, when you sign up the subscription agreement you will have an option for a main driver and secondary driver on the agreement. Only nominated drivers will be insured and allowed to drive the vehicle.

What is the car insured for?

Insurance is fully comprehensive.

How does a subscriber arrange repairs on his/her car?

If you have any issues, send us a note through the app or give us a call and we will take care of everything for you.

What if I get a fine?

It happens. Some days, you might be rushing to get somewhere. We understand. You will have to pay for any infringements. We will notify you and send through the relevant paperwork.

What if I am involved in an accident?

Just keep a copy of the subscription agreement in your car at all times and show it to whoever requires to see it. If the police are involved and a police report is completed you will be required to send us through a copy of the report. 

In the event of an accident we will supply a courtesy car for no charge until the car is repaired and available again.

Is there an insurance excess?

We want you to love your Subscribacar as much as we do and in the case of an accident we ask you to share the love with a low $500 excess*.   

(*Your excess might vary depending on the use of the vehicle)

What is Subscriba+?

Subscriba+ is going through an upgrade and will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. We have a minimum term of 3 months. You can opt out at any time – just give us 30 days’ notice to arrange another subscriber after your 3 month minimum term. No cancellation fees.

How do I hand the car back in?

Just tell us when you are done with the car and we will pick it up from you. Just make sure the car is returned in the same clean condition you received it in.


How much does a car subscription cost?

It depends on the car you choose and because of various state charges and duties, where you live. Just tell us your monthly budget and we will find a car that matches it. 

Our subscription also involves a one off non-refundable joining fee. This gives you access to the entire Subscribacar fleet and flexible subscription packages.

When do I pay my subscription?

You can select a payment plan of your choice. We can invoice you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

What if I miss a payment?

No sweat but there will be a late fee.


Can I use my subscription car for business use as well?

Yes, you can. Just tell us upfront if you intend to use the car for personal, business, rideshare or both purposes.

What cars are available under subscription?

We have a huge fleet to choose from. But if you can’t find the car you love in our fleet, tell us what you are after and we will try to find it at the best price in the market. If you would like more details, just get in touch.

Is there a limitation on the kilometres I can travel?

No limits and no excess kilometre charges means you can drive how much as you like, when you like. (Restrictions apply. Please enquire)


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